Metar Mobile

It’s a small c# app that works on windows mobile (tested in WM 6.5) and windows XP.

Download links:


Metar Mobile (1380 downloads)

Metar Mobile (1426 downloads)

V0.4.2.40 Metar Mobile (1633 downloads)

There were some requests for an donation button. Although this small app was created for educational purposes, if you want to give me some additional motivation please use the following button

Change log

Changes in v0.4.3.1

– the current data is saved on application exit and loaded back at start-up

– packaged as cab installer

Changes in v0.4.2.40

– fixed TAF fetching for some stations.

– fixed the scrolling behavior when there are a lot of stations

– added Dew point and Relative humidity in the decoded thata

Changes in the 0.4 version:

– changed the way data is displayed, easier to read and use i think

– added the posibility to see pressure in inHg.

– added the ability to fetch and display raw TAF data (no decoding)

– fixed a few bugs introduced along the way :)

– made the filesize bigger:)

Changes in the 0.3 version:

– added the ability to fetch raw METAR data and (try) to decode locally (not yet complete)

– changed the way results are displayed.

– fixed a few bugs introduced along the way :)

Screenshot from the 0.2 version

Screenshot from the first release 0.1

7 thoughts on “Metar Mobile”

  1. Greetings.
    I’ve lately started to use Metar Mobile a lot for my preflight briefing and found some errors. I found that it can’t get met&taf for all airports in my country, Croatia. Some airports are covered and other ones aren’t. For example if i want met info for LDZA, LDZD, LDSP everything is ok , but if i want it for LDLO, LDSB, LDRI app crashes. All of them are in my country AIP’s publication as major airports… Can i ask what is the source of retrieved data. Personally i found that this web page is the best for preparation of flight.
    It has all meteo data and notams for FIRs and airports. Maybe you can make your program to pick data from that page.
    Sincerely, fROTNa…

    1. I’ve tested with LDLO, LDSB, LDRIA either on PDA or on PC and didn’t manage to crash tha app.
      LDRI and LDLO seems not to be automated stations and they don’t have up to date data. (searched around the web and didn’t find newer data than mine).
      If your problem persists please send me your config.xml so i can test with your actual settings.
      All the best,

  2. Greetings.
    After i reset my device (HD2) app isn’t crashing any more, now it’s
    working ok…
    Seems that the problem was in WinMo…

  3. An excellent programme for us Pilots! I have had to watch guys on the flight deck with the iphone getting the weather whilst I sit with my WM quitely – but no more! Many Thanks..

  4. Hi

    Just found & started using the app, its great!

    Just a couple of requests (using V0.4.3.1) –
    * Add names to ICAO codes when showing the stations page (automatically or allow manual input
    * Change the order stations are displayed (i want to put local &/or common destinations) at the top.


    ~ Greg

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