Paper Soccer


Yet another small app developed in c# that works on windows mobile and pc.

The game is pretty simple and the AI is pretty dumb at this moment :)

The game starts on an empty field of (usually) 8×10 boxes, with goals of two boxes wide as shown in the picture. In the beginning, a ball is drawn in the center of the field, on the crossing of the paper lines. Players move the ball in turns and aim to place it in the opponent’s goal.

In one turn, the ball may be moved into one of the eight paper line crossings around it (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) and a segment from the original position to the new one is drawn to mark the move. The ball may move neither on the game field border nor on the segments marking the previous moves – instead, it “bounces” from them, and a player who moves the ball into a position where there is already an end of a segment or a game field border gets another turn.

The first player to place the ball in the opponents goal wins the game. The game may also end when a player does not have a valid move, in which case that player loses.

Paper Soccer (2142 downloads)

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